70 Years of Royal Weddings

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Royal weddings are always big occasions but often meet and fall in love just like any other couple. This infographic from Claddagh Rings takes you through how some of the many famous royal couples met and it makes for an interesting read. ..keep on reading

Understanding Ring Size


It can be the stuff of fairytales to get engaged when you haven’t been expecting the moment to occur. To be surprised by your partner as he/she gets down on one knee is simply a most wonderful and amazing moment. ..keep on reading

Christmas The Most Engaging Time of Year

”The magical time of the year is upon us when the homes are filled with Christmas sweets, the town is filled with Christmas parties & social media is full of quotes from the Elf movie. But something else is also filling up our Facebook feeds – the engagement announcements! It seems that every couple you know and their sister, have suddenly got engaged. Are we just imagining this correlation between the holiday season and the increase of ‘I’m marrying my best friend!’ posts? ..keep on reading

What are My Wedding Music Options?

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When it comes to wedding music, you generally have three options:
  • Book a live band or soloist
  • Book a DJ
  • Take care of your wedding music yourself
Which option is the best one for you? It depends on a number of different factors, including your own personal tastes and whether you are opting for a specific wedding theme. Here’s a look at some of the questions to ask yourself if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to wedding music ..keep on reading