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The Dorset Wedding Supplier directory is designed specifically to help potential brides and grooms find their local suppliers on an easy to navigate website that caters for those local suppliers providing the very personal touch in their immediate area. Offering a fair and simple randomised listing system that changes the order of listings for every visit, as well as consciously not filling the site with adverts, sponsored links and ‘premium’ listing etc……..Our aim is simply to provide the most useful site for our customers and the most direct link for you, the suppliers.

What are the benefits of joining The Wedding Gateway?

  • Nationwide network – The Wedding Gateway is a network of 47 local websites across the UK that are all interlinked to provide a significant web presence under the banner of ‘The Wedding Gateway’. The benefit to this is that the local sites can maintain a personal approach to brides in each area and are managed by local people, while benefiting from group Google optimisation and national coverage!
  • Simple design – All the local websites have been created with a simple and modern design with brides and grooms in mind. They are easy to navigate and do not contain any unnecessary advertising or long passages of text that you find on many other directory sites. This makes The Wedding Gateway extremely popular with web visitors who are just one or two clicks away from the information they want on local businesses.
  • Fair listings – there are no premium spots or first come first served listing opportunities. ALL businesses on our network benefit from paying the same low price as well as being provided with equal space and exposure regardless of their size or the time they join. All of our pages are specifically designed to display ALL listings on a page, but to randomise the order they are in every time a new visitor comes to the page, so EVERY business gets equal exposure and equal time in ‘the top spot’.
  • Unique information – We are specifically designed to be inclusive of all business sizes and individuals so have developed a network that has a full range of unique service providers to the wedding industry. This puts us in the unique position of being somewhere different for brides to visit, where they could well stumble upon a business that they never would have found any other way.
  • Social media – all of our site consultants concurrently run Facebook and Twitter pages that are linked to each individual local directory. These are a vital social tool witch drives interest and visitors to the site and is also used to help promote our business members special offers and blogs, to give that extra impact in driving customers to their products or services.
  • Low price – Our simple low single price of just £30 a year is extremely competitive with other forms of advertising and is perfect for all businesses from nationals through to individuals who provide wedding services in their spare time. Again due to the benefits of being part of a national network helps ensure we are able to provide exceptional prices for those who want to be part of something special.

It is easy to join us!

Just fill out the form on our main Wedding Gateway site;

If you are on a tablet or mobile we know it can be fustrating to fill in online forms so if it is easier send us the information in an email to