10 Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Buying the perfect pair of wedding rings takes research and lots of thought. Samantha Snowball, of Blackcarat.co.uk, reveals her crucial guide for shopping around and making the right choice.

1 – Ask around. Who wears what precious metal rings and how well have they worn and lasted? There is a good choice of different precious metal rings on the market, all with different properties and it’s worth gaining some knowledge by asking friends for advice.

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2 – Window shop. Try rings on from the high street. Make sure you know what width, weight, shape, metal and design suit your hands, build and personality. You can find the same quality and designs on the internet for a greatly reduced price so it may be worth looking online afterwards.

3 – Triple check your ring size. Get your ring finger measured on the high street, order a ring sizer online and see if there is an ring sizer pdf on a website you can print out too.

4 – Know your metals. Did you know 9 carat white gold will tarnish over time? Are you prepared to keep it maintained and get it re-plated? Platinum and palladium are both heavy precious metals so wedding bands in these metals are more durable for the long-term.

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5 – Matching metals. If your engagement ring is 18 carat white gold, you should really match it with 18 carat white gold wedding rings. This way, one ring won’t wear or tarnish unevenly and the colourings will match.

6 – Consider the modern metals. Palladium is quickly overtaking platinum in popularity – it’s from the same precious metal family but is much more affordable. Titanium is darker in colouring and can be polished up if required. Zirconium is black and has a natural sheen.

7 – Diamonds. Do you want diamonds in your wedding band? Bear in mind the 4Cs – clarity, colour, cut and carat. You may need to research diamonds and read up on the subject – there’s a lot of information online to help you choose.

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8 – Design. Modern wedding bands are getting more and more unusual and unique. You don’t have to settle just for a court or flat band. Most of the jewellery companies will make up a bespoke idea from a sketch.

9 – Invest. You are buying a ring for life, so do you really want to buy your partner a £50 ring? £500 is a good price to aim at. Also, precious metals like platinum and gold are still rising in price, so do try to think in terms of an investment too.

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10 – Customer service. There’s no harm in making enquiries online or in the shops. Ask questions. What matters is how professional the jewellers come across. Good customer service goes a long way and you’ll feel reassured in your investment.

And finally… try not to worry, the professional workshops know what they’re doing and want to get your perfect ring right.

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