10 Top Tips for Winter Weddings

Stuart Green of Firework Crazy shares some advice on Winter Weddings.

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While spring and summer are still the go-to wedding seasons, winter weddings are just as popular in many locations, with many couples finding them a great alternative to the status quo.

Organising a wedding outside of the main wedding seasons in spring and summer can even provide you with great opportunities to save money and use some unique ideas that might not be suitable for a summer wedding. As exciting as they can be, pulling off a great winter wedding does require a bit of careful planning.

If you are looking to get married in winter, keep these ten tips in mind!

1. Stay Warm

It might seem obvious, but there are plenty of couples who don’t plan for the colder weather properly. Even if you are just going to be outside for a few minutes while you travel from the ceremony venue to the reception, the cold can quickly settle in. You don’t want to freeze on your wedding day!

Have beautiful accessories, such as proper cashmere cardigans and woolly blankets, to keep yourself and your guests warm after brief encounters with the breezy weather outdoors. If your wedding venue seems a little cold, then add the warm feeling with candles and cushions.

Consider skipping the usual champagne toast and have mulled wine or cider served as a starter! This is an especially great option if your guests have been waiting outside the venue for you to arrive.

2. Add Seasonal Treats

You want to highlight the magical season and there are tons of cute ways of doing it. You can add simple snowflake designs to your wedding décor either in your cake decorations or in the form of snowflake candles on each table.

On the other hand, you can show a bit of seasonal quirkiness with your wedding favours and opt for gingerbread cookie kits or personalised baubles. Create your own winter wonderland with little elements like these.

3. Don’t Shy Away from a bit of Sparkle

Winter can be a bit of a dull season in terms of the scenery outdoors. While a dreamy, snow-covered nature is the perfect setting for a winter wedding, chances are you end up with a rainy and gloomy view.

But do not despair! Add a bit of sparkle to your wedding to brighten up the gloomy weather. Glitter decorations and simple metallic shimmer accessories will add the right amount of brightness and summer-vibe to your wedding.

You don’t need to go fully glitzy either – a few simple beauty accessories or glittery candles on the table will be sufficient.

4. Opt for Seasonal Flowers

Celebrate winter by picking seasonal flowers. Tropical flowers can instantly look a bit out of place at a winter wedding, not to forget the fact that they’ll have a bigger price tag during winter as well.

Winter is full of stunning options for decorative flowers as well as the bridal bouquet. You can opt for winter jasmine, lilies and freesias to add seasonal flair to your big day.

Don’t forget pinecones and chestnuts either. These can be used in creative ways to add a bit of natural seasonal flair to your décor.

5. Schedule for Weather Delays

Winter weather can cause a few problems to your wedding schedule and it’s a good idea to prepare for this, especially if your wedding ceremony is not right next to the reception venue. Leave a bit more time for travel and ensure your wedding suppliers also prepare for any disruptions.

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6. Create a Cosy but Spacious Space for Guests

The one advantage of summer weddings is how guests can often hang out outdoors – therefore, feeling a little more relaxed, as they aren’t confined to a specific space. Keep this in mind when selecting your wedding venue.

You want the venue to be cosy, while still providing enough space for guests to wander about a bit. You don’t want your guests to sit at their tables for the whole night feeling like sardines in a jar!

7. Prepare for Darkness

The dark winter nights are quite romantic, but they also add their challenges to winter weddings, especially in terms of photography. Make sure you check the wedding venue’s lighting during night time, as the difference between daytime light and evening light can be drastic during winter.

Use the romantic darkness to your advantage. Add beautiful candles and lanterns to your venue – you could even make use of festive fairy lights if you want a bit more colour!

8. Skip the Most Obvious Holiday Tunes

If you are having your winter wedding before Christmas or right after it, try to spare your guests from too many Christmas songs. While ‘White Christmas’ is a lovely and romantic song to listen to, chances are most guests have heard it at least a thousand times before your big day.

If you must include holiday tunes to your playlist, then try to keep them to single figures and perhaps get the band or the DJ to play a unique and quirky version.

9. Avoid a Full Festive Menu

While the festive flavours are a lovely treat, you don’t want to recreate the Christmas dinner at your wedding. This doesn’t mean you need to say ‘no’ to seasonal flavours – just try to find a unique way to present the seasonal favourites.

For example, how about serving gingerbread crusted chicken or pumpkin sandwiches? Take advantage of the seasonal produce, but be creative!

10. Plan Your Photographs in Advance

It’s always a good idea to think what kind of photos you’d like to take, but it’s especially important for winter weddings. You want to prepare for any outdoor photos well, as you don’t want to look like you are freezing in your big photos!

At the same time, the weather might prevent you from taking outdoor photos and you don’t want to start planning for suitable locations if the worst happens. Talk with your photographer well in advance and check your location for suitable photo opportunities!

Summers Photography dWith the above tips you can create a stunning winter wedding. And if you are looking for more tips, then check out the blog for more ideas.

With thanks to Stuart of Fireworks Crazy for the article and Stephanie of Summers Photography for the images.