Best Advice on Preparing Wedding Invitation Lists

Follow these 5 steps to avoid having any wedding guest nightmares – Some suggestions from David Carr of Grand Sapphire wedding venue.





We have all heard of them, we all fear them and we all want to avoid them. Having a small hall as a wedding venue and too many people or running out of food. Whatever it is here are some practical ways to make sure your wedding doesn’t just become a nightmare gathering from hell.


Step 1: Make your first wedding guest list

This list includes everyone. Yep. All the people you know that you want to invite don’t leave anyone out. The list will just get longer but keep on writing, once it’s all done move on to step 2.

Step 2: Separate your lists

There are always some guests that ‘have to’ attend. Whether it’s because you want them to or you need to keep up appearances there’s always that list. So from your first list take out all the names of the must invites and note them down. Next count how many people you have left and how many more people the hall and budget will allow. You can afford to invite about ten more people than your target because not everyone turns up.


Step 3: decide on the rest

It has to be done. You have to cut people out, this isn’t an ideal world and nothing is free so to avoid disaster you need to cross out the names of those who aren’t really that important. Some may even be important but if it’s not possible then it’s just not possible. So cross out the names and narrow down your list to what you can afford. If more people let you know that they can’t come you can always call up those you didn’t invite and invite them with some excuse and an apology for the late notice.

Step 4: send your invitations

Be sure to make it known that it’s not a ‘bring a friend’ event and specifically write the name of the person you are inviting. As well as this make sure your invitation list includes the requests of your in laws and your parents. You don’t want your wedding day to bore them or let them down because you only thought about yourself. At the same time don’t leave it open because excited mothers can get carried away. Give them a set number or people they can invite and don’t forget to include that number on your list.

Step 5: kids or no kids?

You need to decide if you want your function to be a kid’s friendly event or just an adult only day. And then you need to arrange your timings according to that. If you’re short on space and funds then make it an adult only event and of course the evening is the best time for something without kids.

About the author:

David Carr works for Grand Sapphire, a newly opened luxurious hotel and event venue in Croydon, South London UK.