Cheese Wedding Cakes



We all know that a wedding cake is one of the key features in any reception. Unsurprisingly then the range of cakes available can be overwhelming! Whether it’s a traditional 3 tier fruit cake or a medley of small cupcakes, it can be a difficult decision to choose from the range of sweet delicacies out there. However, more and more people are deciding that sweet isn’t really what they want and instead turn to a fantastically tasty alternative – a cheese wedding cake!

flavour-tasting-1Made of whole cheese layers, these impressive centrepieces will not only wow your guests, but also be a memorable feature of your wedding reception. At Flavour we are passionate about selecting the right cheeses for the happy couple and given the range of over 700 British cheeses we can confidently say that what ever your taste in cheese is, there is a cake out there for you! Not only that but cheese wedding cakes tend to be good value for money, priced between £200 and £400 including decorating.
When looking at cheese cakes allow about 75-100g per person so for a 100 person reception a cake of 7-10kg is perfect. Think about including a range of strengths and flavours. Everything from a mild creamy brie all the way to a piquant blue can be combined in one cake. Hard cheeses tend to work best on the bottom layers and soft creamy ones on the top. Your cake provider will be able to advise you on what is at its seasonal best at the time of your wedding so you can guarantee the cheese is at its peak tastiness!

With regards to decorating consider simple fruit such as grapes and figs. This tends to let the cheese shine on its own. Alternatively include some of your wedding flowers in the final assembly so it coordinates with your theme. At Flavour we decorate the cake on site and ensure the final cake design looks as beautiful as it tastes!
Finally make sure your caterers are well prepared to cut the cheese properly. The cheese cake may have to be stored in a fridge until later in the evening and brought out for display before cutting into portions. It’s really important they cut the cheeses well and you can always ask them to liaise with your cake provider.
So what ever your choice in cheese is, there is now a great way to make it an important part of your special day.


With thanks to cheese expert Louisa Mason from Flavour Tastings

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