Christmas The Most Engaging Time of Year

”The magical time of the year is upon us when the homes are filled with Christmas sweets, the town is filled with Christmas parties & social media is full of quotes from the Elf movie. But something else is also filling up our Facebook feeds – the engagement announcements!
It seems that every couple you know and their sister, have suddenly got engaged. Are we just imagining this correlation between the holiday season and the increase of ‘I’m marrying my best friend!’ posts?

According to Valentina Fine Diamonds we are not!
Their research shows that 1 in 5 engagements in Ireland take place during the festive season, with the most popular time to propose being Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. This may be because grooms-to-be like to choose memorable dates to propose.

Shorter engagement have become more popular in recent years with the average engagement length being between 13-18 months. Most couples also throw engagement parties and €50 is the average spend on an engagement gift. A bottle of bubbly and a card is considered a safe option.

The amount Irish men spend on an engagement rings varies across the country from an average of €3,500 spent in Cork to average of €729 spent in Westmeath.

Another shocking fact released by Valentina’s research shows that 1 in
3 men lie about the cost of the engagement ring. This pressure to lie normally comes down to trying to impress their in-laws and make their fiancee feel better. It is sad that so many men feel such societal pressure to spend a fortune on the ring. Take it from us guys, you don’t need to splash lots of cash to impress, it’s the thought that counts!

Check out the full infographic below to see all the details.’