Creating a Bespoke Alternative Bouquet

Elizabeth Rose Events bouquet 3


Elizabeth Rose Events bouquet 4If you are looking for a statement piece for your wedding, a fabulous reminder of the big day or just something to wow your guests and get them talking then why not break with tradition and have Elizabeth Rose Bridal Bouquets and Accessories design and create a bespoke bouquet for you? Each bouquet is tailor made to your specific requirements and you are involved at every stage of the build from the selection of materials to the finishing touches.

Elizabeth Rose’s owner Julia, who named the business after her daughters Holly Elizabeth and Isabella Rose, offers both Origami and Shell bouquets alongside her specialist Brooch and Button services. She strives to create not just a bridal bouquet but mini pieces of art stating;

“Because it won’t die like an ordinary flower bouquet, the piece will be with the customer for a very long time which is why I want to make it absolutely perfect for that specific bride. They have to live with it so it’s got to be something they absolutely love”.

Julia starts the bouquet design process by asking the bride a bit about herself, her hobbies and interests, if she has any significant family members like children, anything to give her an idea of where the customer is coming from;

“I like to reflect the personality of the bride in her bouquet. It cannot be just a standard bouquet that anyone could use, that wouldn’t make it special. There are companies out there who have set designs but that’s just not my style, I like to make it as personal as possible. I love it when a bride asks me to include her Nan’s earrings or her Son’s initial in the bouquet. It’s always done tastefully and subtly but it’s these personal touches that make the bouquet that extra bit special and it’s such a fabulous thing to be able to do for someone”.

Elizabeth Rose Events bouquet 2The build continues with a material selection being put together by Julia alongside her trusted and top secret suppliers who, in her opinion, are some of the best in their field. The bride has a chance to view the selection and has full approval over what is used.

“Whilst I have to have certain size materials (brooches, buttons etc) at different points of the build, absolutely nothing goes into a bouquet without the bride’s approval. It’s her bouquet not mine and I believe it’s one of the things that make the company stand out, if the bride says she wants lime green but actually ends up wanting mint green then through trial and error we will get her the colour she wants. It’s difficult for brides, especially if they can’t envisage what the finished product will look like but it’s not for me to coax them or fob them off to make my job easier, that’s not what I’m here for”.

Once the materials are sourced and approved, Julia begins the build which takes place over between 3-5 sittings depending on the kind of bouquet being made and she updates the bride at the end of each sitting to make sure she’s on track.

“I love how excited the bride’s get for the next instalment, they get really into the build and love to see how their bouquet is coming along. They especially enjoy it if they can’t quite picture what it’s going to look like in their mind. It also reassures them that they are getting a product they will adore and have felt involved with”.

The final part of the build involves finishing the bouquet with anything the bride wants from net and organza to satin and lace but Julia’s favourite bit is hiding a lucky silver six-pence underneath.

“I use a 1964 six-pence on each bouquet because that’s the year my amazing Mum was born. It’s hidden underneath, the bride will never even see it but it’s a little bit of “something old” luck from me to them”.

Elizabeth Rose Events bouquet 1Then, after all other accessories have been approved, there’s delivery and it’s all yours!! Julia posts nationwide so don’t worry if you’re not near where she is based in York, you can still have the bouquet of your dreams however, if you are based in York and would like to view her work a consultation appointment can be made by emailing her or you can visit Wedding Belles and Beaus of York at 19 Micklegate (by appointment only).

“I love that a shop has chosen to stock my bouquets, this is a big step for me and one I’m very proud of. The products are very much a visual thing, a photo doesn’t do them justice. That’s my favourite part about delivery, I’m always nervous but I know that if the bride likes it in the photo’s I send she’ll be blown away in real life, especially with the brooch bouquets, there’s no way a picture can capture how they twinkle!”.

Julia can be contacted in a variety of ways and is very happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are a crafty bride she can also source and supply DIY kits to your exact specifications!

Contact Julia at Elizabeth Rose Events.
Phone: 07818640631