DIY Ideas – Hessian & Lace

If you’re a DIY Bride, Rebecca Stead from Lovebird Lane has some ideas on how to style your wedding using hessian and lace.

With weddings costing more money than ever it makes sense for brides-to-be to save money where possible and one way of doing that is to become a DIY Bride. Pinterest is a must use tool for any DIY bride with access the hundreds of ideas on how to finish off your wedding and every theme is covered. The main problem you will have here is to decide what to make.

Taking a roll of hessian from our DIY range, I show you a few ideas of what to create with hessian for your big day. You can be as creative as you want here as hessian is very plain and there isn’t much that doesn’t go with it. Hessian rolls available in 5 meter roll, either 15cm wide or 30cm wide.

What you need:
Roll of hessian (available in 2 sizes)
UPVA glue
Double sided tape
Paint brush

Idea 1 – Cutlery holder

You could make these for everyone or just the top table and these can be decorated however you like. To decorate I have chosen lace around the edge of the hessian and I have painted onto the hessian. I have edged the holder here as I wanted the edges to be neat and tidy, as hessian can fray but you don’t have to. Iron the edging to make it easier to sew.

Consider – You could also embroider names but painting is quicker.
Rustic Wedding Ideas The Wedding Gateway Lovebird Lane

Tip – Get sample pots of paints – you won’t need lots

Idea 2 – Table runner

This one was so easy. Depending on what size hessian you get, you can either stitch the lace to the middle or outside of the hessian. Just measure the lace and hessian and stitch together. Here I’ve used 2 different types of lace, you can choose the detail to suit your theme.

Consider– Lace does not have to match on every table so you can keep costs low by used odd ends, which also creates a quirky and unique look
Rustic Wedding Ideas The Wedding Gateway Lovebird Lane

Tip – Glue and pin the lace together and remove the pin once the glue has dried


Idea 3 – Decorating jars

You can decorate any type of jar, vase or candle for your wedding. With this idea and you can layer up as much as you want and use different textures including ribbon, bows, buttons or labels depending on the style you are creating. Measure the hessian out, glue the very end, double over and then pin so it stays in place. Layer up and repeat as needed.

Rustic Wedding Ideas The Wedding Gateway Lovebird Lane

Tip – To stop the hessian from fraying, run a small amount of glue along the edge to keep it in place

Idea 4 – Covering Succulents

Flowers at a wedding can cost a lot of money so if you are having a rustic theme, why not opt for succulents. With many varieties to choose from they will create the texture you need. Here I used the hessian to cover the plastic container. Use double sided tape to secure the hessian in place on the front and add glue to the back. Don’t worry if you add too much, it will dry clear. Finish the look with old logs for height and add some tea lights to take the tables into the evening.

Rustic Wedding Ideas The Wedding Gateway Lovebird Lane

Tip – I raided my local craft shop for the end of roll laces which meant they were cheaper

Idea 5 – Table numbers

Find some pictures frames to suit your theme. Cut hessian to fit in the space where the glass would go. Make sure you have card behind the hessian before painting (as the paint will go through the gaps. Once dry, slot the piece of hessian into the frame and you have a table number.

Consider – You don’t need the glass in the frame if you don’t want to just make sure the card and hessian fit the space exactly so there is enough support.

Rustic Wedding Ideas The Wedding Gateway Lovebird Lane

Don’t worry about having to make everything yourself. Enrol your bridesmaid’s and friends to help. It’s a great excuse to have a pre wedding get together and some girlie giggles!

 Rustic Wedding Ideas The Wedding Gateway Lovebird Lane

If DIY isn’t for you, but you would love to create this look, check out our gorgeous ready made range Vintage Affair, featuring hessian, lace, chalkboard and brown card designs.

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