Groomswear…How about a kilt?


buy-a-kilt is a leading online highlandwear supplier, specialising in budget and custom made kilt outfits. We cater for all wallet sizes and take great pride in delivering high quality, classic Scottish dress across the world. With our industry expertise, we are here to help at every step of the way, ensuring you find the perfect Scottish inspired outfit for your big day.

  • This is why buying just makes more sense to us:
    Buying enables you to stamp your personality on your outfit. Customise your kilt outfit by choosing a tartan that means something to you. This is a perfect option for the groom on his big day. Use our tartan finder to choose from thousands of styles.
  • From classic to bespoke, there’s a Highland outfit for every style and budget. There are the value-for-money packages that provide all the essentials but allow you to keep costs down to luxurious custom-made designs for an elegant, exquisite finish.
  • Hire shops actually only have a limited selection of tartans available to choose from. Instead, pick from a range of thousands and avoid turning up to a wedding with the same kilt as everyone else.
  • Quality is an important point to consider when deciding to buy or hire. Some hire outfits can often look a little used and tired around the edges. This is not something you want for your wedding day. Invest in an outfit that you know is going to be worn by you and only you.
  • You can be so much more imaginative in your choice of accessories when buying. With a much wider selection of styles, you don’t have to wear a certain sporran, sgian dubh or kilt pin just because they come complete in your hire package.
  • Hiring can also, quite frankly, be something of a hassle. You need to be measured every time, which can eat into your day if you’re there with a large party. You also have to make time to collect it and drop it off, which, after a night of wedding fun, no one wants to think about.
  • There’s also the added worry of making sure everything’s returned in one piece to the hire store. If you don’t want to worry about losing track of that little kilt pin or getting a stain on your hose, we suggest you buy them.
  • Buying can actually also make financial sense, especially if you have several weddings or events to attend. Are you at that age where everyone is tying the knot? Buy a kilt and add a bit of differentiation by changing up your accessories every time you want to wear it.
  • Ultimately, you get to take home your very own piece of Scottish history … now isn’t that worth investing in?

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