A Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring – Infographic


What’s the most important purchase you’ll ever make? Your home is probably top of the list, with a car not far behind. After that, your next most significant investment is quite possibly that of an engagement ring for your partner, once you’ve decided that you’re willing to commit to them for life. The occasion of popping the question is one of the most special you’ll ever have, so it should be done with the perfect engagement ring being presented before the bride (or maybe groom) to be.

Choosing the ideal ring is not something that just happens. It is a process that needs to be mapped out to precision, with plenty of thought being required as to the size of the ring, what stone to get for it, the colour of the ring, and indeed how exactly you plan to propose to your partner.

Although you’ll want your engagement ring to be just right, and its significance requires an appropriate level of expenditure, budgeting is a key consideration in the purchasing process. Don’t buy a ring that you can’t afford, for fear that creditors might come knocking and the ring could be repossessed. Get it insured, certainly, but insurance should only cost 1-2% of the overall value of the ring – anything higher and you’re being fleeced by an avaricious jeweller.

This infographic from Commins & Co (https://www.comminsandco.ie/8-essential-factors-to-consider-when-purchasing-a-diamond/) provides a magnificent guide to selecting the perfect engagement ring for your partner, explaining the famous 4 C’s of diamonds, in addition to the variety of ring bands and diamond shapes on offer. Check it out in full below.