How to make your wedding cake budget go further (without anyone noticing!)


Cascades of sugar flowers, drapes of edible lace and delicate piping…the wedding cake of your dreams may feel beyond your reach when you start to look at the prices. Helen from The Buttercup Kitchen registered with our Surrey regional site shares her 5 top tips on how to cut the cost of your cake by making some clever choices that your guests won’t even notice!

1 – Polystyrene Tiers

Surrey Wedding Cake

If your venue is grand with high ceilings, then a two or three tier cake may not quite fit the bill. If you want a dramatic five tier wedding cake but haven’t got the sky high budget to match, then have your cake designer incorporate some ‘dummy’ polystyrene tiers. These can be decorated to match the edible cake tiers, but at a much lower cost, and no-one will know!


2 – Cutting Cakes

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If your guest list is growing but you know a large cake is going to stretch your budget, then order a cutting cake or two as well as your wedding cake. A cutting cake is a large simply decorated cake that is kept back in the kitchen and cut to provide extra portions. This is usually more reasonable than adding extra edible cake tiers to your wedding cake.


3 – Square Cakes

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As square cakes are easier to cut into even portions, you generally get less waste and therefore should get more portions from a square cake than a round/oval/heart shaped cake, so if economy is a priority consider square tiers.


4 – Serve Wedding Cake As Dessert

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More and more couples are choosing to serve their wedding cake as the dessert at their wedding banquet instead of serving it after the meal with coffee. Most venues will provide cream or a fruit coulis to accompany your cake on request. This also means you can be more indulgent with your choice of wedding cake flavours and fillings.


5 -Consider Cupcakes

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Had you considered a tower of cupcakes as an alternative to a wedding cake, perhaps with a ‘top tier’ cake to cut for the photos? There are so many cupcake flavours and toppings to choose from, and they can be decorated to compliment your theme. Ask your designer to provide some individual packaging for guests who might want to take theirs home with them.



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