Kilts and wedding gowns, what a perfect match!

Yesterday we shared some great ideas for mothers of the bride or groom, today our registered supplier The Welsh Wedding Bagpiper registered with Wales Wedding Supplier shares his view on Kilts at a wedding.

The Welsh Wedding Bagpiper -

The Welsh Wedding Bagpiper –

Whilst many Scots grooms would certainly dress in their clan tartan kilt for their big day, it’s not uncommon for the non-celtic gentleman to wear the full eight-yards of tartan too, although it is acceptable for many grooms who are new to wearing a kilt to be just a little apprehensive about what to wear.

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Choosing a tartan is the first step for any groom, and this can be a daunting task in its own right, with such a vast range of family, or clan tartans, regimental tartans and corporate tartans to choose from.  If you have a Scottish surname, then there will most certainly be a tartan especially for you.  Otherwise, there are a range of universal tartans to choose from, including some of the more modern tartans such as Pride of Scotland, Scottish, and Welsh National Tartans even the World Peace tartan.  Once you’ve chosen your tartan there are some do’s and don’ts about wearing your kilt, for example, do wear your kilt high on the waist just below the ribs, and make sure that the bottom edge of your kilt doesn’t sit much lower, nor higher, than your knees.  It’s a kilt, not a mini skirt!

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Traditionally a Prince Charlie jacket is the automatic choice for most grooms, although there appears to be a trend towards a more relaxed styles of the Argyle or even tweed jackets, both of which are perhaps best suited for wedding guests as opposed to the wedding groom.

Cream socks are still the most favoured choice of hose worn by many grooms, although the younger gentleman is more frequently choosing black or dark hose to compliment their look.  It’s a matter of personal preference which colour to choose, however whichever choice of socks is made, every groom will still face the task of tying their Ghillie brogue laces and then struggling to keep them up all day!

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And finally, there is the decision about which sporran to wear.  The general rule is that the groom should wear a more formal dress sporran as opposed to the semi-dress or day sporran.  Most dress sporrans have a metal top, called a cantle, and are usually made of fur, which can come in a range of colours from a natural fur to bright pink.

When it comes to looking handsome on your wedding day, there is no written rulebook on how to wear your Highland outfit.  Although it is wise to consult your outfitter beforehand, and definitely try on your outfit before committing to any expensive purchase.  There are a host of videos on the internet to help you, from putting your kilt on the right way around, to teaching you how to tie Ghillie brogues.  There is no greater site than a groom on his wedding day, and his contingent, dressed in formal Highland attire, but be careful not to upstage the bride.

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