Mother of the Bride/Groom – What to wear?

For the mother of the bride or groom the wedding day of their child is an extremely important day and they want to look their best! Mums often get stressed trying to tie in with everybody or just not knowing where to start as they don’t normally wear anything ‘fancy’. What ever your age, shape or style check out the great advice here from Wedding Pearls registered supplier with Worcestershire Wedding Supplier.

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What do ladies need to know about mother of the bride/groom outfits ?

In general all designers are small made so ladies usually need to try on at least one size larger than their normal dress size.

What colour will suit me ?

We would advise that ladies with blonde or grey hair suit more vibrant colours rather than pastels and neutral shades. Examples would be royal blue, purple, teal, hot pink  and red. If you wish to wear neutral shades such as silver or taupe, why not jazz the outfit up with a bright hat or Fascinator ?

Should I try to match the bridesmaids colour ?

We would always advise against trying to match the bridesmaids colour as an outfit that is even one shade different can be disastrous on the photos. Alternatively we would always recommend choosing a colour that complements but does not clash with the bridesmaids.

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Should I wear a hat ?

Hats and Fascinators are personal choice and there are advantages of both. A hat will always be a statement piece and can completely change the whole look of the outfit but it can be awkward when greeting guests and in bright sunlight can cast a shadow over your face. A Fascinator is usually a much smaller piece which still adds to the outfit but without the disadvantages of a hat. A Fascinator may be worn all day and may be more comfortable to wear particularly on a very hot day!

Is there a difference between what the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom should wear ?

It is always preferable for both mums to communicate with each other as to what their intentions are with regards to outfits. We tend to find that usually the mother of the groom doesn’t want to overshadow the mother of the bride so often wants to choose neutral shades such as silver, taupe or champagne however there is no hard and fast rule as to what each mother should wear – just make comfort your priority! There is no point in having a stunning outfit if you can’t sit down in it!

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Should I buy a designer outfit or an outfit from the high street ?

This is personal choice and there are advantages to both. In our experience designer outfits are for those ladies who want to be seen in something unique and perhaps just a bit different.  The disadvantage of this is the price – designer outfits can range in price from around £350 to well over £1000 with average prices being around £500 for a dress and jacket.

High street outfits can range in price from £100 to £300 however you run the risk that a guest may turn up in the same outfit .

When should I start looking for an outfit ?

Most shops order their stock the previous year with deliveries starting in January/February so March is a good time to look as most shops have the best range available for spring/summer weddings. Due to the nature of the ordering process you will find that shops cannot usually re order outfits in different sizes other than their initial stock.

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The first shop I’ve been to has an outfit I love – should I buy it ?

We find it is a good idea for ladies to be decisive and choose an outfit whenever they see something they (and everyone else) likes. If you think you may find something better if you look around the chances are that you may waste time searching and then return to the original shop only to find your dream outfit has sold!

Who should I take with me when shopping for a mother of the bride or groom outfit ?

Specialist stores are usually small independent shops who don’t have a lot of space for an extended wedding party. In addition you should bear in mind the more people you take with you the more different opinions you are likely to get. This may confuse you so we would advise only taking the minimum number of key decision makers (for example your daughter and husband) with you to your appointment.

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How long should I allow for trying on ?

We would recommend you set aside around 2 hours to try on as many outfits as is necessary until you find the right one that is comfortable but makes you feel amazing.

I am a plus size mum and am struggling to get something to fit me what do you advise ?

Curvy ladies often suit floaty styles in silk chiffon or lace rather than more fitted styles. We would recommend an outfit with a layered waterfall effect which flatters the curves Another alternative if you are not comfortable wearing a dress or three piece is to choose an outfit including wide leg chiffon trousers.

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