Question from a bride – How can i arrange my wedding within budget?

Question from a bride – tips and ideas wanted ….

Hi, my fiancé and i are looking into getting married, but money is a little concern. Its between getting married soonish – or waiting for a good long time to save up the “average” £10-15k for a wedding itself.
We have £15k savings, but feel that spending it on a house in this economic time is more pressing. we love one another so much we want to get married sooner rather than later, so was wondering if it was possible to do it for about £3000-£4000 (excluding £2000 for video&photo). We want to do it right though – without cutting too many corners, but at the same time we don’t want a traditional wedding.
We’d have about 50 guests, and our main priorities would be photography and videography, food, decor, hair &makeup and dress/suit (in that order) .. Are there any brides/grooms out there that pulled off a barn/alternative/quirky/vintage wedding, on a budget or suppliers that can offer their tips from weddings you have worked on? As soon as you look into “vintage” and “a bit different” you spend a fortune.
We “might” make use of a family members old house hotel/B&B as a venue – and get outside caterers, or perhaps a field with a marquee.. Any ideas/tips you’d offer?
Thanks in advance x

(we have put this post up to help the bride to be get some general ideas and tips from our great network of suppliers – we have suggested if she is looking for recommendations in the local area she heads over to her local facebook page where the local consultant for that area can help so please don’t try and sell your business to her on this post. All responses will require approval before they are uploaded to avoid spam – thanks, Lou x)

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