The Thrifty Wedding Couple.

A wedding day is such a wonderful occasion in the lives of a couple. It’s the day that they come together with their family and friends to celebrate their love for each other in the most beautiful of ways. While it is a beautiful and momentous occasion, it is certainly not without its stresses.

Months and in some cases years go into the planning for this one day and it is easy for a couple to lose sight of what is actually the purpose of the day: the formal joining of you as a loving partnership.

Communication and cooperation is so important in planning your wedding. Take the time to sit down with your partner to calmly discuss what your respective priorities are in terms of the big day. Does your partner wish to have a really well known and highly sought after band for the reception, do they want to buy suits or rent them. Do you wish to have a black tie formal wedding and hire a top class florist with rare varieties of flowers included? It’s about coming to a conclusion on what you really want and understanding that you need to focus your budget in some places over others. Think about it, who is really going to remember the finite detail that you want on the church pews?

This infographic from Loyes Diamonds aims to assist those who are planning their wedding to focus on the important elements. It should give some insight into where to save some pounds along the way too. Check it out below.