The Wedding Gateway in August Edition of Wedding Ideas Magazine



Happy Tuesday everyone! Tomorrow the August edition of Wedding Ideas Magazine (The UKs Favourite Monthly Bridal Mag!) goes on sales and here is a sneak peak for you of our media coverage.



I’m delighted to share the new advert design, this month it features two of our suppliers Angel Floral Design (Buckinghamshire Wedding Supplier) and Queen Bees (Hampshire Wedding Supplier). These adverts are great coverage for the business and the regional sites they belong to.

The Wedding Gateway advert August 2014

I also love readying through the content of the magazine and have spotted two of our great suppliers that have been featured again this month Lovebird Lane Wedding Accessories (Gloucestershire Wedding Supplier) and Laced in Vintage Tiaras (Surrey Wedding Supplier).

Tiffany Blue The Wedding Gateway feature

Tiffany Blue Theme featuring Lovebird Lane Wedding Accessories

Tiffany Blue The Wedding Gateway feature close

Lovebird Lane Wedding Accessories

Peaches and Cream The Wedding Gateway

Peaches and Cream featuring Laced in Vintage Tiaras

Peaches and Cream The Wedding Gateway close

Laced in Vintage Tiaras

Registered suppliers – if you would like the chance to be featured in a national wedding magazine then look out for our monthly posts on facebook or register for our email updates now at this link. You have until noon this Friday to submit this months photos, see our facebook page for more details.

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