The Wedding Gateway winner of Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday #sbs

What an amazing start to the week ….. The Wedding Gateway winners of Theo Paphitis #sbs

I guess I should just start at the beginning … I still can’t believe The Wedding Gateway are  winners of Theo Paphitis #sbs this week!

On Sunday evening my husband and son were watching some rubbish on TV so I started having a look around twitter to feed my ever growing wedding habit (even though I have been married for 7 years!). I came across a post from someone reminding people that it was ‘Theo Paphitis #sbs between 5 & 7.30pm’ so I thought I would let them know about the great work we try to do to help small wedding businesses expand their exposure.

I sent a little tweet (including an image of our recent cake advertorial in Wedding Ideas Magazine) and thought nothing more of it. I had done this about 6 or 7 times over the last year so didn’t give it a second thought – I just thought that it was a good way to introduce myself to other small wedding businesses that were also taking part.

Monday night after my little boy had gone to bed and the washing up from dinner had been done I thought I would have another little look at twitter (its a great way to do some work on my phone when the husband isn’t looking!!) and to my surprise my twitter notifications had gone through the roof!

When I looked further I was overwhelmed to see about 100 messages of best wishes …. I still had no idea what was going on!

Only on reading further did I realise that Theo Paphitis had chosen our tweet of our business as one of his 6 winners from Sunday night and retweeted it to his 450k followers!!! It was official – The Wedding Gateway are Winners of Theo Paphitis #sbs

The Wedding Gateway Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Winners #sbs

Theo Paphitis retweets our post to 450k followers

The Wedding Gateway team are delighted with this recognition and look forward to the new opportunites and suppliers it introduces us too (plus the other amazing #sbswinners will have already met via the world of social media).

A big thank you to everyone for their support in the 18 months since we set up the business and we look forward to continuing going from strength to strength together.

Lou and The Wedding Gateway Team


Want to know more about #sbs – see below or the website

The WEdding Gateway Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Winners #sbs


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