TOP 5 Wedding Decor Inspirations

Liz from SkyLantern Original gives some original ideas to amaze your guests with your wedding decoration. Here, you will find 5 decoration tips, which will make your event unforgettable.

1. Follow the path of balloons.

No guests will be lost on their way to your wedding thanks to these giant balloons. And if you’re feeling overly romantic, why not customize them with some gorgeous ribbons? Otherwise, why not write your initials or some quotes on each of these Bubbles of Love? Use them as a guide or as the love messenger nobody expected.

SkyLantern Original 01

SkyLantern Original 02

SkyLantern Original 03

SkyLantern Original 04


2. Acknowledge the arrival: Lighting

Surprise your guest with an incredible entrance. Just set up some candles along the pathway to your party venue. Candles and love get on with one another perfectly, wouldn’t you agree? If your venue is close to a lake or similar, you can also add some floating candles: romantic and magical effect guaranteed, making you the stars of a Walt Disney fairy tale.

SkyLantern Original 05

SkyLantern Original 06

3. Lightening Décor: Play with fairy lights

Another simple tip with those fairy lights:
Rustic weddings are trending at the moment. Just wind them around tree trunks or on walls in your venue to maintain the romantic feeling after nightfall. If you chose an under the stars wedding, enhance it by decorating the dance floor with a garland open-air dance hall.

SkyLantern Original 07

4. Cosy atmosphere: a sweet ceiling

To decorate the ceiling in the venue, we would recommend you to mix and match paper Pom Poms in pastel tones and contrast them with some natural coloured paper lanterns Because, indeed, outside or inside, the classic Chinese paper lantern –led included or not – and it’s soft colours would create an incredible and soothing atmosphere along to your special wedding… Another plus? The price: really, really, really affordable.

SkyLantern Original 08

SkyLantern Original 09

The best for last: 5. A stunning activity

Nothing better to surprise your guests than organizing an incredible and memorable activity in which they will be part of! By nightfall, stun your guests with the well known sky lanterns – also known as Chinese lanterns. Imagine dozens of lanterns floating in the dark sky at the same time. It’s the perfect way to end your special fairy tale day. You can write a small message and put it inside the lantern, releasing it into the unlimited sky. A heart-warming message which mirrors your love, your joy and your hopes for the future. How poetic! If you are inspired by the lanterns, but prefer an activity in the daytime, surprise guests with the release of balloons. Red or white, it will appear as a real asset to a romantic décor theme. Really easy to set up, just cut the ribbons holding your colourful balloons and enjoy the show. Both alternatives are a guaranteed Wow.

SkyLantern Original 10

SkyLantern Original 11

SkyLantern Original 12

SkyLantern Original 13


Just follow these simple steps to impress your guests and never let them forget your Big Day. You can find all the products cited above on Skylantern Original, which offer a large selection of wedding decorations. By buying original, authentic and secured sky lanterns, you will be able to safely create a unique and memorable event.