Understanding Ring Size

It can be the stuff of fairytales to get engaged when you haven’t been expecting the moment to occur. To be surprised by your partner as he/she gets down on one knee is simply a most wonderful and amazing moment. Many couples don’t like the element of surprise and instead plan their engagement meticulously together and announce it to their loved ones together; some people like to be in control. Those that like to be surprised exist in their droves though and for their future spouse it means that a high level of secrecy is needed. This is required in order to understand their partner’s taste in jewellery so that they can choose the right piece. They also need to isolate their partner’s ring size but this is all very achievable. Another option is to purchase a “decoy” ring that your partner can accept as a token as part of the elaborate proposal and then once things settle down; you can choose the perfect ring together according to tastes and budget.

Our friends at Loyes Diamonds have put together this infographic which is designed to help you on all angles. Check it out below.