The Most Unusual Trends in the World of Weddings This Year


Choosing your bridal party is no easy task, from best friends to siblings, it can be a lovely experience, or it can be a bit of a nightmare. While there are many out there who think they would make excellent bridesmaids for example, not all live up to it and they do not always fully understand what it means and what it takes to support a bride and her groom in the lead up to one of the biggest days of their lives. Enter the unusual, but innovative, ‘bridesmaids-for-hire’ service.
These types of personalised concierge services (of which ‘bridesmaids-for-hire’ is one such service) have begun popping up in the US and are slowing making their way across the Atlantic. They are ideal for brides who are living far away from their friends and family to help brides alleviate any unwanted stress that might arise from wedding planning.
Other more unusual trends in the world of weddings include swapping flower girls for grandmothers to take on petal or confetti throwing duties, uploading short and snappy wedding highlights videos to social media for guests who could not attend the wedding, and utilising image projection software to beam custom images onto white wedding cakes! For an illustrated look at some of the more unusual trends that are popping up in the lead up to this wedding season, view this infographic put together by Killarney Hotels.

Unexpected Wedding Trends 2016-infographic