What are My Wedding Music Options?

courtesy of Public Domain PicturesWhen it comes to wedding music, you generally have three options:
  • Book a live band or soloist
  • Book a DJ
  • Take care of your wedding music yourself

Which option is the best one for you? It depends on a number of different factors, including your own personal tastes and whether you are opting for a specific wedding theme. Here’s a look at some of the questions to ask yourself if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to wedding music

Wedding Bands are Great if……

Your Wedding Budget Can Handle It

Live bands or solo musicians tend to be more expensive than a DJ, so as much as you might love to have a Michael Buble tribute at your wedding it may become a question of budget. That being said, booking a live band or soloist won’t necessarily blow a huge hole in your budget, so have a conversation with bands and singers you’re interested in, and once you have costs you can go from there.

You’re Looking for a Classic Wedding Party

If you book a band that markets themselves as a wedding band, they know what they’re doing. Their set list and repertoire will include something for everyone, meaning your dancefloor will be filled all through the evening with a nice slow number to send everyone home feeling all loved up and romantic. The one thing you will need to ask is whether they can play the song you want for your first dance!

You Have a Wedding Theme or Want a Specific Type of Party

Faithettes can be booked at http://www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/faithettes

Faithettes can be booked at www.freakmusic.co.uk/bands/faithettes

Live music is great for carrying on the theme of the day, whether you’re having a 60’s wedding or something more contemporary. At the same time, if you’re having a very traditional wedding but are looking for something different come the evening, there are plenty of live band options that can help you get the party started, whatever you’re looking for.


Booking a DJ is for you if……

You Want to Maximise the Dance Floor Space

courtesy of Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/atbaker/3725054295

courtesy of Flickr

Think about the times you have seen a live band performing at a wedding. Now think about the weddings you have been to with a DJ. While it probably isn’t something you’d have actively looked for, the difference in space a band takes up in comparison to a DJ is noticeable and quite significant. For reference, a DJ’s kit will take up roughly the same space as a band’s drum kit.
If you want to maximize dance floor space, or your venue is relatively small, then a DJ might be the way forward for you.

You Want Sounds You’re Familiar With

If you prefer music to sound as it does on the CD rather than through the microphone, then choose a DJ. While you get a better feel of atmosphere with a live band, and are trading this off here, at least your guests will be familiar with all the music and aren’t potentially going to be confused by bands putting their own slant on things.
Remember though that if you opt for a wedding tribute act you will get as close to the real thing as it’s impossible to get, so this only becomes a factor depending on who you’re booking.

Take Care of Your Wedding Music Yourself if……

You Don’t Have the Budget, or Would Rather Spend the Money on Something Else

Taking care of your wedding music yourself is a great way to save some money against the cost of your wedding. You can then choose to put this towards the honeymoon, more free drinks for your wedding guests, or just save it for something else!

You Have a Reliable Friend

You will still need someone who can take care of things, even if you just want to plug your laptop or phone into the venue’s speaker system. We’ve all been to parties where guests get a little too ‘refreshed’ and want to be the DJ, so you do need to make sure you have someone keeping some sort of control over proceedings.

Your Wedding Music Options

Which option is going to work best for your budget, your venue, and your wedding as a whole? Choose the wedding music option that is best suited for you, and you’re guaranteed to have a memorable party, whether you use your own Spotify playlist or have one of the UK’s best wedding bands entertaining your guests!

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