Wedding Planner or Wedding PA?

What does the phrase “wedding planner” mean to you?

Does it conjure up images of an overbearing suited control freak barking orders at a Bridezilla or do you visualise the numerous US reality TV shows where using thousands of blooms and installing small forests as table centrepieces is common place?

For me these programs are highly exaggerated versions of “real” weddings with huge TV studio budgets that really have no place at the average UK wedding. Of course these programs have their uses, I for one love watching the initial concept materialise and develop, and I’m a sucker for the drama of the final reveal at the programs climax. They are great for inspiration but as with most programs of this type they aren’t representative of real life whatsoever.

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As a wedding website addict I regularly come across comments like these “I don’t want someone taking over, I want to plan my own wedding” and “I wouldn’t employ a planner because they won’t plan the wedding I want”

From my point of view both these statements couldn’t be further from the truth.

For me it’s about providing guidance, helping to inspire and create the vision you already have or helping you find it. Keeping you focussed and monitoring your spending. Suggesting budget friendly alternatives and negotiating on your behalf to get the suppliers and services you want. Not the ones I like, the ones that suit your budget and your wedding style.

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While these comments leave me a little frustrated they are useful opinions, as it tells me what I need to focus on whilst promoting myself and my service. So maybe I’d be better off promoting myself as a wedding PA? Maybe the idea of hiring a personal assistant for your wedding planning would sit better as it more descriptive of the actual roles I undertake.

If you are planning your wedding and considering the services of a Wedding Planner but aren’t sure if they can add value to your day I suggest you contact some and see if they can help as the feedback planners get from their brides is often how invaluable their services and expertise were to ensuring they had their dream day.

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