Wedding Planning Timeline

It’s happened – your partner has popped the question to you and amongst your cloud of bliss, disbelief and sheer happiness, you can’t wait to start planning the big day. However, the more you begin to think about all of the vendors you’ll need, the budgets and the dates – the more your cloud of bliss begins to fade and is replaced with stifling stress. Luckily, Adorn Invitations have put together this yearly timeline to make the process that much easier! Keep reading to find out some of their top industry tips and tricks.

Organization is Key

Ladies, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of vendors and suppliers over the next few months. There will be lots of bills and deadlines, so keep everything together and in order! Dedicate a folder or binder where you can keep track of your vendors, balances and receipts. This will make the planning process so much easier and you’ll avoid missing out on any deadlines.


This neat little tip is only known amongst the industry heavyweights, but it’s so handy for brides to be. A lot of vendors will actually increase prices and packages if they know the event is for a wedding. Whilst planners and coordinators will help to lower these prices – if you’re going solo, prepared to be charged up to three times the standard price. If you can get away with not telling them the particular occasion (for example, you’re picking up your floral arrangements) then absolutely leave the info out! Obviously, this tip may be a bit trickier to apply to your photographer or gown alterations service, but save a penny anywhere you can.

Keep your Date Flexible

Venues will have a huge reduction in costs during weekdays and in off season. Look at moving your date from a Saturday to a Friday and if you’re looking at a beach reception – consider having your big day in the cooler months. Also take into account public holidays, events and festivals that may be on during your wedding day. Local events will mean that free accommodation will be a lot harder to come by.

Wholesalers are your best friend

Anything they can do; you can do better. Cut out the middleman when ordering products like flowers and order directly from the wholesaler instead. Also check with your venue if they can provide floral arrangements as it’s likely that they’ll have a preferred supplier with much bigger buying power than you. There are also countless online wholesaler suppliers where you can get bonbonniere and décor from.