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Bagpipes are a unique addition to a Wedding Ceremony, whether or not there is a Scottish, Celtic or historical family reason for wanting a Bagpiper. There are a number of things which I routinely advise Brides & Grooms, who may not be aware of the idiosyncrasies that surround how Bagpipes can be employed. My aim here is to offer some guidance & suggestions to enhance your wedding day with Bagpipes.
Bagpiping for the arrival of guests for approximately 30 minutes has the effect of getting guests in the Wedding spirit.

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Bagpiping the Bride down the aisle, whether it be a civil or church ceremony is the highlight of a special day. The Bagpiper playing a Slow Air, allows the Bride to savour her moment.

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In some circumstances Bagpiping during the legal aspects of the ceremony, offers the audience an enjoyable distraction during the signing, especially if the tunes selection is familiar to the guests.

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At the end of the service, with the official nuptials’ completed, the celebrations can begin. What better way than to Bagpipe the newlyweds out of the ceremony to a series of upbeat tunes.

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Bagpiping for 20-30 minutes during photographs and the drinks reception gives the Wedding guests background music.  (I would be available to take part in photographs if required).

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Once guests are seated in the Wedding Breakfast, it would be usual to Bagpipe the Newlyweds to their wedding guests.  Bagpiping upbeat and celebratory tunes has a great effect of getting guests clapping & cheering.

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Points to note:
At Civil Ceremonies, there are rules concerning tune selections. In essence, tune lyrics or references to religion are not allowed. Checking selections in advance with your registrar would be advisable.
Specific tune requests for Bagpipers are not uncommon, however, if a tune is a ‘non-standard’ Bagpipe tune, it maybe that some notes fall outside of the scale of the chanter, please check with your Bagpiper.


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