Why do we give wedding favours?

What are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation from the newly married couple on their Wedding Day. They are usually part of the table decoration at the Wedding Reception.

Where did the tradition come from?

Well the tradition of giving Wedding favours goes back many years. The ‘Bomboniere’ was thought to be the first Wedding favour and was given out by the European Aristocracy and Upper Classes. It consisted of a small porcelain or crystal trinket box often decorated with precious stones. The boxes usually contained sugar or confectionery which was a symbol of wealth and royalty. At the time sugar was expensive and was therefore only the wealthy could afford it but as it became more widely available to those less wealthy, the tradition of giving ‘Bombonieres’ became more widespread. Over the years, ‘Bombonieres’ were replaced with almonds. These were given to guests to signify good wishes for the couple’s new life together. 5 almonds were given to signify Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Long Life. Sugar coated almonds were introduced in the 13th century and are still popular today.

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The giving of Wedding Favours, as they are known today, is a popular tradition worldwide. The traditional 5 almond favour is still chosen by many couples but there are now a wide variety of different and unique favour options to suit any couple. The traditional almond favour often comes in a coloured organza bag; another popular type of favour is a boxed favour that can have almonds inside as well as a range of other fillings. These boxes are often decorated to match a couple’s colour scheme and/or theme. They are usually 5cm cubed but also come in a range of other shapes such as cones, chests, handbags and so on.

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organza bag

Couples looking for more unique favours can choose from favours such as shaped chocolate lollipops, small jars of jam or chutney, charity pins, small bottles of alcohol, seed sticks, lottery tickets, key rings, candles, flip flops, photo frames, cupcakes, cake pops and so much more! Many couples try to match the favour to their theme. It also adds to the table decoration and favours can also double up as place settings if required.

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Now cupcakes are becoming more popular, some couples have cupcake bouquets as table centre pieces and then ask guests to help themselves. This is often done with bowls of sweets also. Favours can be anything you want them to be but don’t worry if you don’t want to give favours! It is a personal choice after all.

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