Why Have Fireworks at Your Wedding?

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Stuart from Firework Crazy gives some advice on having fireworks at your wedding.

Your wedding day takes quite a bit of planning and the options in terms of entertainment, wow-factor and décor are endless. In recent years, fireworks have become an increasingly popular option for weddings. But what makes fireworks such a great addition to your special day?
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First, fireworks are incredibly versatile. You can use them as the grand finale of your wedding or opt for using a few fireworks as a showstopper during things such as a bride’s grand entrance. You could even go with indoor fireworks, such as sparklers, as a decorative element at your wedding.

Fireworks work well as both a standalone display, perhaps with music, or just as an addition to your other entertainment. For example, if you are organising an outdoor wedding, you could set off a few fireworks during your first dance. You can easily make fireworks the main attraction or use them to add more character to another part of the wedding.

Keep in mind that fireworks also add plenty of character to your wedding photos! A professional wedding photographer will be able to capture fireworks in stunning ways and make your photos just a bit more magical.

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While some guests might hate dancing or dread the idea of participating in party games, fireworks are almost universally loved. The colourful show is likely to bring a smile on people’s faces and make them go ‘Wow’.

Not to mention the appeal of fireworks for both young and old. If you have many kids attending the wedding, then a little firework display is sure to keep them excited. But you won’t disappoint the adults either with a bit of fireworks. Exciting bursts of colour on the night sky and a few sparklers to play around with are sure to get everyone excited.


The range of options available is not just about the use of fireworks at the wedding, but also in terms of your wedding budget. No matter what your wedding budget is, you can find fireworks to suit your needs and be courteous to your wallet!

Fireworks are budget-friendly because you don’t necessarily need an expert to organise their use. You can find a range of fireworks you can use without a special license and as long as you read about the safe use of fireworks, you could easily have a member of the wedding party help you set them off.

On the other hand, professional firework companies can help you organise a stunning display without you paying a fortune.

image by firework_crazy_4Simple to Use

Including fireworks to your wedding entertainment won’t be difficult. You don’t need to plan for it for ages or go through extensive research over the best fireworks.Decide on how you’d like to use fireworks at your wedding, contact firework retailers to ask about the products they’d recommend you use and make sure to check with your wedding venue whether fireworks are allowed and what restrictions might apply.
With a bit of careful planning, you can use fireworks to wow your guests and add glamour to your special day.



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