Your first day as Mr & Mrs

We have an exciting guest blog for you today – Rebecca Stead from Lovebird Lane (registered with our Gloucestershire Wedding Supplier site), guides you through the things to think about the day after your wedding.

“As the day grows closer, you will be excitedly consumed with your special day and it’s likely that you won’t be thinking about your first day as Newlyweds and some of the things you may need to do. Help yourself and ask your family and friends to help out, especially if you are planning on going on honeymoon the next day!

Learn from our experience, we didn’t get organised and my husband and I rushed around the day after our wedding, before flying off on honeymoon a little more stressed than we should have been! Hopefully you will find this guide of things you need to think of helpful:


Flowers Lovebird Lane Gloucestershire Wedding Suplier

Will you be throwing your bouquet at your wedding? Or are you planning on throwing your bridesmaids flowers, to save your bouquet for preservation? This is something to think about before the day as you will need to organise some one to store the bouquet correctly, as per the florist recommends.  Businesses can preserved your whole bouquet or just one flower depending on what you prefer. If you have had an alternative bouquet

Table flowers

Dan Fisher Photography -

Dan Fisher Photography –

Has someone helped towards your big day that you didn’t give a gift to during the speeches? Offer them the choice to take some of the wedding breakfast flowers home with them once the wedding has finished, this will undoubtedly bring a smile to their face but also ensuring the flowers do not go to waste. Remember that if you have hired a vase from your florist make sure your guests do not take these home as well! Make sure your wedding venue know the vases are to be returned to the florist and arrangements have been made for this.

DIY Sweet table - A Spoonful of Sugar candy cart pic 1

A Spoonful of Sugar Candy Cart –

Make sure you provide bags for your sweet table so guests can take some sweets home with them. You will probably have sweets left over so think about what you want to do with them and where the sweets and jars are going to go to the next day. After our honeymoon I took mine into work for those that couldn’t make it to our day making sure I didn’t eat all of them!

Your cake

Wedding Cake Lovebird Lane Gloucestershire Wedding Suplier

Your beautiful four tier cake that was to feed 200 people hasn’t been eaten and it looks like you are going to be eating cake for the rest of the month! Fret not – when you order your cake make sure the cake is not pre frozen before your day, so you can then freeze whatever you don’t eat, so you can get the left over cake out at your next party or anniversary (if it lasts that long!).

Suit Hire

Regency Groom -

Regency Groom –

Take the stress away and enlist the Best Man and Ushers to ensure all of the suits are taken back to the shop on time. They will need to check that everyone’s cravats, waistcoats, etc, are all accounted for .

Getting home

SC Prestige Cars -
SC Prestige Cars –


Most brides will either stay at the venue the night before the wedding or be driven to the venue on the morning of the wedding. If your husband hasn’t driven over himself make sure one of the bridal party has space in their car to drop you, your new husband home and your luggage, dress, etc, home.

Cards & Presents

Keep sake box Lovebird Lane Gloucestershire Wedding Supplier

Lovebird Lane –

Have a think about when you want to open your cards and presents as these will need to be transported home too. Most people these days have store wedding lists but if you don’t have a store list you need to take this into consideration too.

Think about having a wedding keepsake box to keep your cards, place cards, garter and any other special parts from your day.

And finally, why not have a little fun and tell everyone your ‘Just Married’ with something like our canvas bag below and enjoy your honeymoon.”

Lovebird Lane -

Lovebird Lane –

Rebecca xxx

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