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The Wedding Gateway Supplier network is designed specifically to help potential brides and grooms find their local suppliers on an easy to navigate community that caters for both their local area and the UK as a whole. We pride ourselves on fair listing system that shows all listings, but changes the order for every new visitor. This, as well as consciously not filling the site with adverts, sponsored links and ‘premium’ listing etc simply provides the most useful site for our customers and the most direct link for you, the suppliers.

Each of the local sites benefits from being a member of the wider Wedding Gateway, giving it a local feel, but also giving it national impact and access to national press advertising.

The Wedding Gateway is designed specifically to help not only the large established suppliers, but also to support smaller talented individuals who may not have the budget or presence to bring their fantastic skills and goods to the wedding market. All suppliers that become members of the Wedding Gateway are presented on an open, professional and level field, for potential brides and grooms to choose exactly the type of providers they want.

Membership of The Wedding Gateway is presently suspended. If you would like to join us please email us via the contact form.