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Ali Gaudion Wedding Photographer

Ali Gaudion Wedding Photographer

Stunning, feminine, natural shots without taking over your day …

Sweet and pretty images is what I am about. I have shot weddings in Goodwood House, Stansted House, The Witterings Beach, Buxted Park, Farbridge, Arundel Castle, Southend Barns, and in lots of back gardens and marquees. I know most wedding venues on the South Coast. I have shots weddings in the rain, snow and fog.

I specialize in bringing to life, the couples’ emotions for one another, the audience’s love for the couple and the fun of the day … all as quietly and calmly as possible. Candid and natural is my style with a little glamour at the end. At 42, I am not on the “experimenting for low fees” end of the scale. With me, you will get some beautifully lit and naturally posed shots, which will WOW you and your families. This is what you pay for. But you will also get shots of you and your guests, which are natural and unposed also, in the most beautiful of lights and taken with the loveliest of lenses, bringing out the best bits.

The roller coaster that is the wedding day is my specialty. I usually can tell, when I knock on the door of a brides house in the morning, as to whether they will be a calm yet giggly bride or a “need an extra glass of bubbly to calm the nerves” bride. Whatever the atmosphere, I am well aware, I have one of the nicest jobs around. Not the easiest, but the nicest. I spend my day, in wait, or the bride, the groom, the best man, the bridesmaids, the first dance. The beauty of this is that, no matter how many weddings are shot, they are all different. Every work day for me, is different.

I always make sure I am seen and not heard. If I am to be heard, I’m fast and effective (i.e. can we get everyone out on the lawn!). I work calmly and creatively.

Area Coverage:
  • Hampshire
  • Kent
  • Sussex