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Jono’s Health and Fitness

Founded this year by Jono Rae, who has got his degree in Personal Training and Nutrition and studied for 4 years to achieve the highest possible qualifications. We are all about the clients that join with us and we are all about helping you achieve your goals for that big day. We give away a free taster class for you to come down and give it a go, if you like it, Great. If you don’t like it, Great – at least you tried. We don’t force people as we want people to sign up for the pure fulfilment and joy of being around like minded ladies.

There are no men and there are no super models, we are real people all trying to achieve the same goal. You can come down and honestly feel great and comfortable doing exercise. You will feel great after and you will see results in as little as 6 weeks. The reason we chose Bootcamps is to give a personal training session in a bigger group thus not breaking the bank!!!

To get in touch simply email or contact Jono for more information.

  • Jono Rae

  • 07790729930

  • 105 Berrylands
  • Surbiton
  • Surrey
  • KT5 8JX

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What was your situation before we started to work together? I was 22 years old and was studying for a Masters degree at Kingston University. I went from dancing 4-5 days a week to having no time to dance at all when I began my Masters. My body immediately felt the affects of the lack of activity and I needed a change. 2. What reservations (if any) did you have about working out with me before? I was mostly worried about how long it would take to see results. I felt like if I didn’t see them instantly, I would feel discouraged. However, that ended up not being an issue at all as I realized it was more about how I felt (more energy, less cravings) and I wasn’t as concerned with seeing immediate weight drop. 3. What has the process of working with me been like? From the beginning Jonathan was extremely organized and motivating. At the beginning of each class he would explain what the plan was in order to tackle the areas of my concern. He quickly caught on to the exercises that strained me or that I didn’t respond well to, and replaced them with equally as challenging but more comfortable exercises. He never let me quit, and made sure I was fully stretched after all workouts. He even gave me a meal plan to stick to with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was extremely helpful. If I had a project due or something came up and I had to re-schedule, he was accommodating and flexible too. Overall, it was a very positive experience/process. 4. What is the one best result you have got from working with me? I couldn’t narrow it down to only one, as there was a combination of results that really were great. Not only did I not crave any sugary/fast-food from having a specific diet with lots of tasty recipes he provided, but I also had twice the amount of energy and didn’t find myself sleeping in. As a result I was more productive at University and my final academic results even proved that. Additionally, I found it easier to discipline myself, as I knew how much I could take/my body could handle and therefore was able to push myself further when I had to workout alone. Lastly, I was able to gain muscle and shed the fat I wanted within the time frame that we had, I was thrilled with my physical and mental results and I couldn’t thank Jonathan enough! Alyssa Rose - Miss Bermuda, Bermuda Competed in Miss World 2015