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The London Barbeque 08Once you give us the go-head to cater for your event, our specialist chefs will work with you to define your menu, you can choose one of our wonderful or wacky established themes, or if you’re feeling lucky, the world is literally your oyster. We take care of everything needed to cook, display and serve food at your event – giving you the peace of mind that all your guests needs will be taken care of.

We cater for guests from 50 to 1,500 and roast, barbecue and grill on site, giving you a professional, innovative event, with the added showmanship of our chefs in action, creating an unrivalled atmosphere so your guests can feast like kings.
The London Barbeque 03Pete Phillips is the Willy Wonka style maestro behind The London Barbecue company. Pete thrives on innovation in catering and has worked alongside such greats as Marco Pierre White and Lucy Gemmel founder of “rhubarb”. His exceptional eye for the weird and wonderful has seen him manage foodie businesses from the eclectic Incredible Ice Cream Company to foodies to go. Pete has also joined the now thriving street food and pop up restaurant revolution with The Churrasco Gang and Rentokil Pestaurant– and he continues to innovate at every turn. With a passion for food and a dedication to client satisfaction – Pete will make your event go with a sizzle and a bang; you’ll never forget the time you hired The London Barbecue.

The London Barbeque 01Unique Outdoor Catering
Choose from one of our wonderful barbecue themed events below – or if you’re feeling lucky, we’ll create anything you want to make your event that extra bit special. All of our meats are from local Essex farm’s, purveyors of the finest free range and rare-breed meats, ensuring that everything we cook is of the highest and freshest quality. All of our vegetables, and buns, baps and breads are bought on the day of your event from our bakers and grocers within our local area, making sure that everything you devour is the freshest you can possibly get.
Our BBQ’s are tailor made to our specifications, and designed to cook, over hot coals, barbecued food to delicious perfection. Our chefs are specially trained to use our bespoke equipment, and boy does it show in every delicious, sumptuous, scrumptious mouthful.

Summer Barbecue Experience
Of all the aroma’s that outdoor eating produces, there is nothing more evocative of cherished childhood memories, and as liberating on a baking hot summers day, than the satiating smell of delicious meats popping, fizzing, and sizzling on a charcoal BBQ; the real taste of summer.

Our experience of pricking a free-range pork banger, flipping an free range rare breed beef burger doused in hickory smoked sauce, throwing a chilli-infused soy shrimp, marinating a luscious corn-fed chicken and skewering mint and rosemary kebabs, means that, once you’ve tried one of our BBQ experiences, the bar will be irreversibly raised.

Churrasco Brazilian Barbecues
It’s carnival time. Powerful street samba beats and hip shaking frevo rhythms can tingle and revel on your taste buds with our authentic Brazilian BBQ. Infusing the essence of Brazil with succulent beef and mouth-watering chicken, cooked on skewers over hot coals on our purpose built Brazilian rotisserie, or as they say on the streets of Rio, “churrasqueira”. Colourful, aromatic, flavoursome, lively and a whole lot of sexy fun.

Delicious hog and spit roasts
Nothing is quite at tantalisingly delicious as the smell of a whole slow spit roasted hog. There is something age old and satisfying that taps right into our primal nature when we see a whole succulent pig slowly turning over hot coals. We’ll also spit roast a whole lamb, studded with rosemary and garlic, the melt in the mouth sensation that accompanies every delicious mouthful is heaven in every slow, chew.
If you really want to pull out all the stops, why not have one of our choice cuts of prime shoulder of Angus beef. You will not believe how incredibly impressed your guests will be by our to die for flavours that will greet their expectant salivating mouths. Our chefs will carve the meat of your choice into freshly baked baps, or onto a plate with golden brown roasted potatoes. The choice, as ever, is yours.

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